About us

Netikka, previously phpwizard.dk, was established in 2000, but already 3 years before this we were hard at work making web solutions of different sorts.

It started out as a hobby, but soon became something more.

What we do today, you could call the modern equivalent of what we did back in 2000. The technology has changed and we have moved along with it and still consider ourselves a first class partner when it comes to internet solutions.

Through the years we have developed everything from small company websites to web shops, games, communities, ad solutions and many, many other things.

We also do web solutions such as webhotels and server operations, in our own hosting center or on location wherever your server might be.

We show up when something stops working. We are on call 24/7 with many of our customers and they can call us whenever a problem might arise.


In all the years we have been a company we have helped a lot of people reach out via the internet.

A small number of these are: Danmarks Radio, TV2, Dansk Røde Kors, Tv-Animation, The Voice, Nova FM, Virtual Manager, Kudos, Copenhagen Pride, Blarke Sonne Levring, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening - and of course our own project; boyfriend.dk.